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Must-see the 10 most touching classic inspirational biographies, let you rekindle!

  Posted:October. 30,2018 By:Canada Film

Must-see the 10 most touching classic inspirational biographies, let you rekindle! The most important value of a biographies is that it allows us to have a deeper understanding of a great person, and thus gains many experiences and insights that benefit the life, inspiring us to face difficulties and gain the courage to overcome the predicament. In order to ensure the enjoyment, the 10 films recommended for everyone today are not pure biographies, but biographies.

Schindler's List
In the Second World War, the German businessman Schindler's conscience awakened and risked his life to rebel against the Nazis and rescue the true story of more than 1,200 Jews. In the film, Schindler was not a hero at first, why did he finally become a hero, the film did not answer, and his performance was only his behavior. The director used a small, symbolic detail to accompany the little girl in red, and Schindler’s gaze on her every time. She symbolizes innocent and fragile life, symbolizing the courage and strength to overcome evil, and the only color in the film.

The Pianist
Adapted from the autobiographical novel "Death City" by Polish pianist Varades Rothman. Polanski's sinful and cruel expression of the Nazis with a calm and restrained lens is a silent complaint against the Nazi atrocities. The film uses a large number of Chopin music, like the poem of hope from the martyrdom, to hope for the desperate people who live in the hell of war. The setting of Spearman and the German officers meeting in the ruins expresses the awakening of humanity.

The Pursuit of Happyness
The film is based on a true story, the main character is the American black investment expert Chris Gardner. If you have a dream, you have to defend it. There is never a savior. Happiness is based on oneself!

Tells the story of the Scottish uprising leader William Wallace and the indomitable struggle of the English rulers. "Braveheart" is a tragic epic film that incorporates the legend of blood and tears. At the end of the film, Wallace’s cry before the death: Freedom! Sighing, shocking, and exciting, inspiring and guiding the Scottish people to the final freedom.

Hacksaw Ridge
The film is adapted from the real experience of the Second Class Warrior Medicate Desmond Daws, telling the story of his refusal to carry weapons on the battlefield and saving 75 comrades in the Okinawa battle. If you are full of faith, you will be fearless! Desmond's behavior best interprets the spirit of "Benevolence and Invincibility" promoted by Mencius.

A Beautiful Mind
The film tells the story of John Forbes Nash, a mathematician with schizophrenia, who studied in the field of game theory and differential geometry and won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Nash's legendary experience proves that love is the best medicine!

Darkest Hour
The film tells about the prejudice from the inside and the external fascist war during World War II. Winston Churchill resisted the pressure and led the British people to resist and win the Battle of Dunkirk and spend the darkest moments before dawn. story. There is no ultimate success, no fatal failure, and the most important thing is the courage to move on. This kind of spirit and belief is precisely the moment when human society passes through a dark moment, and finally ushers in the guarantee of light.

The King's Speech
The film tells of the death of King George V in 1936. The throne was left to Prince Albert, who suffered from severe stuttering. Later, under the treatment of the speech therapist Linal Rogge, he overcame obstacles and published an inspiring pre-World War II. Speech. No one is born to be perfect, even the king, but as long as you have the courage to overcome difficulties, the determination to change the deficiencies and the perseverance of perseverance, then you will become better and better.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story
The film tells the story of a girl who grew up in New York, Liss, experienced the hardships and bitterness of life, and with her own efforts, she finally entered the experience of the highest school. A life course of self-improvement and high-spirited struggle, which is passed on to people, is deeply touched by the shock of the soul.

Goodbye Bafana
The film tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s prison life after more than 20 years of imprisonment and his relationship with prison guard James Gregory. "Goodbye Bafana" is not shocked. From the perspective of Mandela’s close guards, through a lot of details, two opposing people with different identities and positions have developed from the previous opposition to the later male lead. Change, cherish the sorrows of his own prisoners, and show Mandela's personality and unyielding spirit on the side, making the latter even more extraordinary.

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