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5 disaster movies with human mutations, each of which can make your breathing faster!

  Posted:October. 30,2018 By:Canada Film

5 disaster movies with human mutations, each of which can make your breathing faster! The catastrophic film about the virus causing human mutation has been repeatedly photographed in recent years. It not only shows the visual "feast" to the fans, but also gives everyone a deeper understanding of human nature. Today, we recommend 5 top zombie disaster movies, each of which allows you to hold your breath, and the timid ones are careful!

I Am Legend
The film tells that human beings have been killed by a large number of viruses, and those who have not died have become lesions. They become demon and bloodthirsty demons. They hide in the shadows during the day and attack the living people at night. New York has almost become an empty city, leaving only the male owner. Add a dog.

Train to Busan
In the past, the film was different from the zombie film. It was built on the background of the train. The train was used as a confined space. It was more desperate than the zombies in the outdoors. After watching this movie, it is really exhausted, with a high level of mental tension, a high level of thought, and a gravitational impact on the mind. Although exhausted, it is really a reflection, a good film for the soul to wash.

Shaun of the Dead
The protagonist Sean is a guy who can't do anything. He is stalking the bar all day, and he has a similar taste to him. Until the age of 29 is still a small staff who is being bullied, the pen water will leak into the pockets; the children who are not told by the girlfriend, the children who are kicked, even from the road, will have to lick, oh, even at the root Did not notice that more and more people have become zombies. The film is extraordinary, and it is a disaster. Whether it is the ubiquitous echo effect or the ridicule and satire of the real society and even the otaku culture, it is a mark of a zombie piece.

World War Z
This $700 million zombie movie is unprecedented, and the rich capital investment has brought more zombies and bigger patterns. The film tells the story of United Nations employee Gary Ryan crossing half of the globe for one purpose: to stop the raging zombies from overthrowing the country and the government, and to avoid annihilating the entire human race. The storyline is rare and compact, with the former part of Pete saving the family; the latter part of Pete saving humanity! Typical game movies, family, children are attributes, killing zombies is the key to escape. In general, such a big scene, big investment zombie movie is still worth seeing!

Dawn of the Dead
The film tells a catastrophic story. A terrible plague swept across the United States. After the world was plagued by plague, millions of corpses were infected and turned into blood-sucking zombies. Whether it is a dead person or a living person, as long as the blood is taken away by the zombies, it will immediately become a zombie. Soon after, the whole city became a zombie city, and humans encountered a looting that had never happened before. The real focus of the film is the different choices and performances of each person when they are besieged by zombies. Behind these behaviors, the director tries to embody the humanity rooted in the hearts of each of us. Behind a disaster is actually an analysis of human nature. This is the soul of the film.

Tags:Disaster / virus / zombie

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