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A complete list of all upcoming MARVEL movies!

After months of speculation – and Black Widow set photos – Marvel Studios finally confirmed its Phase 4 film slate at Comic-Con International: San Diego. If you’ve been following our regularly updated list of upcoming Marvel productions, some of the films announced may not have been a surprise, but some of the details were certainly shocking. Others were downright thrilling. So let’s take a look at the new list of upcoming Marvel films with confirmed release dates, titles, and more. Black Widow Release Date: May 1, 2020 Confirming our guesses, Marvel has announced that the Scarlett Johansson-led film will be the first project to emerge from the studio next year. First revealed in January of 2018 with Jac Schaeffer writing the script, the film became Marvel’s fastest-track project ever with Lore’s Cate Shortland signing on to direct in July of last year. The film is currently in production with David Harbour as Alexei – a.k.a. The Red Guardian – Florence Pugh as Yelena, O-T Fagbenle as Mason, and Rachel Weisz as Melina. The film is a prequel to the events of Avengers: Endgame, but is still unclear if it takes places years or decades earlier. Some reports indicate the film is set after Captain America: Civil War, but this has not been confirmed. If the rumor turns out to be true, it may still offer some reference to the Phase 4 conflict and Nick Fury’s (Samuel L. Jackson) space fleet. The Eternals Release Date: November 6, 2020 In April of 2018, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed a film based on the Eternals comic book and concept was in development. Soon after, The Rider’s Chloe Zhao became its director. Based on characters and situations imagined by Jack Kirby, the Eternals are a race of fantastically powerful proto-humans engineered by the Celestials (more on them in a moment) to harness vast amounts of “cosmic energy.” Generations of infighting and wars against another Celestial experiment, the Deviants, followed. According to reports, the film will center on an Eternal named Sersi with the powers of flight, strength, immortality, and molecular manipulation, but as of the Comic-con presentation, the part has not been cast. Confirmed cast members include Richard Madden as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Lia McHugh as Sprite, Don Lee as Gilgamesh, and Angelina Jolie as Thena. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Release Date: February 12, 2021 In March, Short Term 12’s Destin Daniel Cretton emerged as the director of a film based on Marvel’s 1970s comic book The Hands of Shang-Chi: Master of Kung-Fu. In the comics, Shang-Chi was the son of legendary literary villain Fu Manchu. Learning the truth about his dad’s business, he used his martial arts prowess against his father and any other Marvel baddie ready to go against his mighty hands. But considering Fu Manchu is one of the few IPs not owned by the Walt Disney Company, fans online are already speculating Shang-Chi’s father – whom Marvel later turned into a different immortal villain in the comics – may turn out to be the “real” Mandarin teased in the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray short film “All Hail the King.” At Comic-Con, Marvel announced the full title, the release date – replacing our guess of a Black Panther sequel – and the cast, which includes Simu Liu as Shang-Chi, Awkwafina in a to-be-announced role, and HardBoiled‘s Tony Leung as the real Mandarin. Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness Release Date: May 7, 2021 Director Scott Derrickson finally signed on to return in December of 2018, suggesting the film will end up as one of the Marvel releases for 2022 (as we always assumed). But at Comic-Con, Marvel revealed the film will take the spot we originally reserved for Shang-Chi in May 2021. Benedict Cumberbatch returns as the Sorcerer Supreme with Elizabeth Olsen joining him as the Scarlet Witch in what Derrickson calls “the first scary MCU movie.” Though not announced as a participant in The Multiverse of Madness, we still think Strange will face Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) as he tries to amass all the magic for himself, a notion teased in the first film’s post-credit stinger. Thor: Love and Thunder Release Date: November 5, 2021 Shortly before Comic-Con, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi signed on to return for a fourth installment in the God of Thunder franchise. At the time, we assumed it would be the November 2021 release and were proved correct. Chris Hemsworth will return as the wandering Odinson, but not as Thor. In a surprise move, Marvel revealed Natalie Portman is returning to the series as the new Mighty Thor, a twist pulled from an excellent Thor comic book series by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and others. Meanwhile, Tessa Thompson will return as Valkyrie, the king of New Asgard who must find a Queen, and we assume Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – in either of his manifestations – will return to mercilessly tease his now nameless brother. Blade Release Date: TBA Feige stunned the Comic-Con crowd by announcing Mahershala Ali will be the MCU’s version of Blade. The daywalker will appear in his own film sometime during Phase 5, but specific details about the project will likely come to light at next year’s Comic-Con. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Release Date (Our Guess): May 6, 2022 Now that the saga of James Gunn’s expulsion from the film has ended with him back in the director’s chair and Endgame has revealed the Guardians’ fates through Phase 3, we can speculate wildly about Vol.3. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) will presumably search for Gamora (Zoe Saldana) while Rocket continues to get over the absent Odinson. There is also the often-delayed debut of Adam Warlock to consider. The character very nearly appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Infinity War, but fell away as both movies were stuffed to the air ducts with characters. It is possible he will finally do something in the MCU besides sit in an egg. Also, before Gunn’s temporary departure, he referred to the film as a conclusion to the story he began telling in the first installment, so it is possible the film will have an Endgame-like resolution. Is Star-Lord long for this universe? Black Panther 2 Release Date (Our Guess): February 18, 2022Thanks to Endgame’s five-year gap, we’re pretty confident the Black Panther sequel will address T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) reclaiming the throne. Since the moment we saw him turn to dust in Infinity War, we’ve assumed M’Baku (Winston Duke) took power. Then again, considering how quickly Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and Okoye (Danai Gurira) mobilized Wakanda to fight Thanos in Endgame, it is possible the throne sat empty as the country hoped for T’Challa and Shuri’s (Letitia Wright) return. If he resumes his duties with a minimum of fuss, then the film’s plot will probably arise from T’Challa’s decision to reveal Wakanda to the world. Whatever stress that might’ve caused before the Blip will no doubt come to a head with the return of 3 billion-plus people. At Comic-Con, Marvel merely teased the film as an eventuality, but director Ryan Coogler has signed on for the sequel. Captain Marvel 2 Release Date: TBA It all depends on when the film is set. It could continue with Carol’s (Brie Larson) adventures in space as she chases Ronin (Lee Pace) back to the Kree border. It could be set after Endgame with Carol finally building an Avengers-like coalition on other worlds. It could also be an unknown tale about her returning to Earth sometime in late 1990s or early 21st century to teach Monica Rambeau how to fly. Her complete lack of concern for Monica or Maria (Lashana Lynch) in Endgame suggests she knew exactly where they were the whole time. But fans of Carol’s family would certainly love more clarity on that issue. That said, Monica will debut as an adult in Disney+’s WandaVision in the form of actor Teyonah Parris. The Fantastic Four Release Date: TBA At Comic-Con, Feige merely mentioned he “ran out of time” to discuss the Fantastic Four or mutants. While both concepts will eventually make their way into the MCU, we expect integrating Marvel’s first family will be the priority and maybe even the whole point of Phase 5. Like many on the internet have suggested, placing them in the 1960s during their first film – but making the world forget about them for decades – is an elegant way to introduce them and acknowledge their absence all this time. In that context, they also serve as a great replacement for the similarly time-lost Captain America. Spider-Man 3 Release Date (Our guess): July 29, 2022Disney’s release calendar omits Spider-Man’s customary July release date until 2022, making this the most likely time Peter will have another solo outing – although the Spider-Man: Far From Home mid-credit stinger scene may require the third MCU Spider-Man film materialize sooner than that. Outed as Spider-Man by J. Jonah Jameson (a returning J.K. Simmons), Peter must avoid agencies interested in investigating Quentin Beck’s claim that he was the real cause of the destruction in Far From Home while continuing to see MJ (Zendaya) on the down low. Also, he has to figure out how to graduate from high school! But it is always possible Peter will find help with the fantastic new occupants of the former Avengers tower. Of course, that’s just wild speculation, as is our guess for the film’s title: Spider-Man: Homeless. Full list of upcoming Marvel Movies May 1, 2020 – Black Widow November 6, 2020 – The Eternals February 12, 2021 – Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings May 7, 2021 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness November 5, 2021 – Thor: Love and Thunder February 18, 2022 – Untitled Marvel Movie 1 (Our Guess: Black Panther 2) May 6, 2022 – Untitled Marvel Movie 2 (Our Guess: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3) July 29, 2022 – Untitled Marvel Movie 3 (Our Guess: Spider-Man 3)

Set 11 most horrible horror scenes during the day!

Director Ari Aster unleashes Midsommar this week, his follow-up to breakout debut Hereditary, the family shocker made very much in the horror tradition of dark corners, black nights, and creeping shadows to conjure up scares. Midsommar, set in remote Sweden during a flower-dressed festival, is designed as an anomaly: A gruesome horror movie that allows all its gore and brutality to curdle in open, bright daylight. There’s no hiding away in this one, folks, inspiring us to offer up our own selection of the 11 scariest scenes where the blood shines bright as the sun. 1.Jaws (1975) Actors: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw Directors: Steven SpielbergAn insatiable great white shark terrorizes the townspeople of Amity Island, The police chief, an oceanographer and a grizzled shark hunter seek to destroy the bloodthirsty beast. 2.The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) Actors: Allen Danziger, Paul A. PartainDirectors: Tobe HooperFive friends visiting their grandfather's house in the country are hunted and terrorized by a chain-saw wielding killer and his family of grave-robbing cannibals. 3.28 Weeks Later (2007) Actors: Imogen Poots, Robert CarlyleDirectors: Juan Carlos FresnadilloIn this chilling sequel to 28 Days Later, the inhabitants of the British Isles appear to have lost their battle against the onslaught of disease, as the deadly rage virus has killed every citizen there. Six months later, a group of Americans dare to set foot on the isles, convinced the danger has come and gone. But it soon becomes all too clear that the scourge continues to live, waiting to pounce on its next victims. 4.Final Destination 2 (2003) Actors: Ali Larter, A.J. CookDirectors: David R. EllisWhen Kimberly has a violent premonition of a highway pileup she blocks the freeway, keeping a few others meant to die, safe...Or are they? The survivors mysteriously start dying and it's up to Kimberly to stop it before she's next. 5.The Wicker Man (1973) Actors: Edward Woodward, Christopher LeeDirectors: Robin HardyPolice sergeant Neil Howie is called to an island village in search of a missing girl whom the locals claim never existed. Stranger still, however, are the rituals that take place there. 6.Scream 2 (1997) Actors: David Arquette, Neve CampbellDirectors: Wes CravenTwo years after the terrifying events that occurred in Woodsboro, Sidney is now attending Windsor College in Cincinnati with long time friend Randy. Meanwhile, Gale Weathers best selling book on Sidney's life has now been made into a major motion picture. When two college students are killed in a theatre while watching the new film "Stab," Sidney knows deep down that history is repeating itself. 7.The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Actors: Aaron Stanford, Kathleen QuinlanDirectors: Alexandre AjaBased on Wes Craven's 1977 suspenseful cult classic, The Hills Have Eyes is the story of a family road trip that goes terrifyingly awry when the travelers become stranded in a government atomic zone. Miles from nowhere, the Carter family soon realizes the seemingly uninhabited wasteland is actually the breeding ground of a blood-thirsty mutant family...and they are the prey. 8.Halloween (1978) Actors: Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee CurtisDirectors: John CarpenterA psychotic murderer, institutionalized since childhood for the murder of his sister, escapes and stalks a bookish teenage girl and her friends while his doctor chases him through the streets. 9.A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Actors: John Saxon, Ronee BlakleyDirectors: Wes CravenTeenagers in a small town are dropping like flies, apparently in the grip of mass hysteria causing their suicides. A cop's daughter, Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) traces the cause to child molester Fred Krueger (Robert Englund), who was burned alive by angry parents many years before. Krueger has now come back in the dreams of his killers' children, claiming their lives as his revenge. Nancy and her boyfriend, Glen (Johnny Depp), must devise a plan to lure the monster out of the realm of nightmares and into the real world... 10.Session 9 (2001) Actors: Peter Mullan, David CarusoDirectors: Brad AndersonTensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back. 11.Sunshine (2007) Actors: Cillian Murphy, Rose ByrneDirectors: Danny Boyle50 years from now the sun is dying and life on earth is threatened by arctic temperatures. Mankind puts together all its resources and sends a spaceship carrying a huge bomb designed to re-ignite the dying sun.

Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award, David Lynch and other three get!

According to Oscar official news, this year's Academy Awards Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Dr.), actor Wes Studi (The Last of the Mohicans, Heat), director Lina Wertmüller (Seven Beauties). Actor Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise) will be awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.David Lynch is a pioneering artist who is not only a film director, he constantly introduces avant-garde and experimental elements into popular movies, and is also a writer and painter with a strong self-style. Lynch has been nominated for three Oscar-winning director awards for Mulholland Dr., Blue Velvet and The Elephant Man, and has been nominated for the best adaptation of The Elephant Man. He is also the creator of the TV series "Twin Peaks."Lina Wertmüller made history in 1976. She became the first woman to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Director Award for her Seven Beauties. To this day, only five female directors have been nominated for the award. Wertmüller's masterpieces include Ninfa plebea, A Night Full of Rain, and Swept Away.Wes Studi is a Cherokee American actor whose performances include Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Mohicans, Avatar, Geronimo: An American Legend, and Heat. At the launch of the announcement of Stade's selection, a spokesperson for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences praised him for "making a strong Indian role in a spicy and authentic way" and emphasized his involvement and contribution to Indian politics.Geena Davis once won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress with The Accidental Tourist, and she is also the star of Thelma & Louise. Davis received a Humanitarian Award for advocating gender equality in the media.The Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award and the Humanitarian Award were presented in conjunction with other awards, but in 2009, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to choose to award these awards in advance at a separate awards ceremony.It is reported that this year's awards ceremony will be held on October 27.

MGM's Biography of Aretha Franklin Biography released in August 2020

Recently, MGM has confirmed the release date of the Aretha Franklin Biography (Respect): August 14, 2020. Putting a biographer in the summer file is not a wise choice. But Aretha Franklin died on August 14, 2018, so this release time is a commemoration. It is understood that the film will be directed by Liesl Tommy, who wrote the script for Callie Khouri, who won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay Award for Thelma & Louise. The one who will play Aretha Franklin in the film is Jennifer Hudson, who won the 79th Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Award for Dreamgirls. It can be said that such an all-female team is a big guarantee for the success of the film. Aretha Franklin is hailed as one of the greatest female singers of all time. Born in Memphis, the popular music city of Memphis in 1942, she was a pop singer and published songs spanning soul and pop music. She was the title of Lady Soul/The Queen Of Soul. From 1967 to 1973, she was the culmination of her singing. Aretha Franklin is the second female literary artist in history, with a total of 19 females, 11 of whom are from the “Best Rhythm and Blues Female Singer Award” (8 of which are awarded for 8 consecutive years). In addition to the Grammy Awards, it is also the first female singer to be selected in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2008, the greatest hundred singers in the history of Rolling Stone ranked first. So far, she has more than 70 singles on the Billboard leaderboard. The most well-known in the Chinese-speaking region is "I say a little prayer".For such a biographer, the release time in mid-August was the earliest time to participate in the Oscar and award season. During this time period, most of them were summer entertainment films. Previously, only Hell or High Water and Inglourious Basterds were released during this time period and participated in the Oscar competition.

Europe and the United States top ten war film recommended

Every year, countless films and filmmakers do their best for a small golden man. But sometimes think about it, it is inevitable that some types of films will compete for a trophy. Then below we recommend the top ten war films. If you love watching movies, then you must look down.1. Life Is BeautifulThe film is directed by Roberto Bernini, a feature film starring Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Blaschi, and George Cantalini. On December 20, 1997, the film was released in Italy.The film tells the story of a pair of Jewish fathers and sons being sent to the Nazi concentration camp. The father used his imagination to lie that they were in a game. Finally, the father let his son's child's heart not be hurt, but he was tragic. In 1999, the film won the Best Foreign Language Film, Best Actor, Best Soundtrack Award in the 71st Oscar Awards.2.The PianistThe film is directed by Roman Polanski, Adrien Brody, Emilia Fox, Micho Zamboroki, Ed Stoppard and other films of the war. The film was released in France on September 25, 2002.Based on the autobiography of the Polish Jewish composer and pianist Pielman, the film depicts a story of a Polish Jewish pianist who survived hard times during World War II.3.Schindler's ListThe film is based on the Schindler's List by Australian novelist Thomas Kennelly. It was a film directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993.The film recreates the true historical events of German entrepreneur Oskar Schindler and his wife Emily Schindler during the Second World War to protect more than 1,200 Jews from fascism. The film won the 7th Grand Prize of the 66th Academy Awards and 7 Grand Prizes of the 51st Golden Globe Awards.4.Saving Private RyanThe film is a war film produced by DreamWorks in 1998, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Hanks, Tom Seymour and Matt Damon. The film was released in the United States on July 24, 1998.After the film description of Normandy's landing, four of Ryan's sons who participated in the front line, except for the younger son of the 101st Airborne Division, James Ryan, who is still missing, the other three sons have been fighting in two weeks. dead. US Army Chief of Staff General Marshall learned that after this incident, humane considerations, the front line organized an eight-person squad to find the second-class soldier James Ryan, who was still alive and dead in the sea of mandarin and bullets, and sent him back safely. rear. On December 17, 2014, the film was selected for the 2014 US National Treasure Movies list.5.La grande vadrouilleThe film is a war comedy film produced by Les Films Corona. The film was directed by Geral Uri, performed by Louis de Fiennes and André Bulville, and was released in France on December 8, 1966.The film tells the story of a thrilling, humorous and funny escape story of a British Royal Air Force bomber with the help of the French during World War II.6.Pearl HarborThe film is a plot film produced by Touchstone in 2001. Directed by Michael Bay, Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Josh Harnett starred in the competition. The film was released in North America on May 25, 2001.The film tells that the good brothers, Leif and Danny, met the female nurse Evelyn when they joined the army. Reeve took the initiative to participate in the British Air Force's operations and was shot down into the sea. And Evelyn learned that the sadness was extremely painful. Danny and Evelyn are slowly approaching each other, loving each other, and finally having a one-night stand.7.ArgoThe film is a biography of Ben Affleck, starring Ben Affleck and John Goodman.The film tells that the US Embassy in Iran was surrounded by an Iranian people's group that had just won the Islamic Revolution. Six American diplomats and civilians were detained as hostages for 444 days. During the period, a CIA agent, Tony Mendes, who was well versed in camouflage skills, planned a rescue plan to successfully remove six US diplomats trapped in the Canadian Embassy in Iran. The film won the 85th Academy Award for Best Picture.8.Inglourious BasterdsThe film is a war film directed by Quentin Tarantino and Eli Ross, Melanie Roland, Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Christopher Waltz and Michael Law Spendt and other co-stars appeared. The film was first screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 20, 2009.The story of the movie took place during World War II, when a group of guilty American soldiers were supposed to be sentenced to death, but in a very special period they adopted a very policy, they were allowed to take sins to go to justice - to go deep into the Nazi-occupied France to carry out a dangerous mission. The mission code is “Keno Action”.9.PattonThe film is a historical film produced by the 20th Century Fox Film Company in 1970. The film is directed by Franklin Svanna, starring George C. Scott, Carl Malden, and James Edwards.The film mainly introduces the German counterattack led by Marshal Rommel, nicknamed "Desert Fox" in North Africa in 1943, and launched a large-scale battle. As a result, the US military suffered a disastrous story. The film was released in 1970 and won 7 awards for the 43rd Oscar for Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director.10.War HorseThe film is adapted from the novel of the same name by British laurel writer Mike Mobeg, directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Jeremy Evan, Peter Moulin and Emily Watson. The film was released in the United States on December 25, 2011.The film was launched from the perspective of a farm horse named Joey. The first world war broke out in 1914. A father of a British farm boy Albert, in order to maintain the farm, sold Joey to the army and transported it to the front. Arms materials. Albert and his beloved horse had to be separated, but the fate of their separation was again re-interlaced by the First World War.

Hundreds of insatiable movies TOP10

Movies are one of the favorite leisure styles in the world. If you like a movie, we often download the director's cut or HD version, as well as purchase related products. And some movies seem to never look enough. Every time there is time or whim, they will look back. Some series of movies are more than a few in one breath. They are simply enjoyable and can't do it. Dirty Dancing The film is directed by Emily Adolino, featuring Jennifer Gray, Patrick Swayze and other musicals. In the Kellerman Mountains in the late summer of 1963, Frances (Jennifer Gray) came to the resort with her parents and sister. Frances, who is still in school, is a 17-year-old girl who is not a fan of boys, dance lessons and family games. By chance, she came to a hotel where men and women danced very smugly together. Frances immediately felt that such a dance was unsightly. Dance coach Johnny (Patrick Swayze) came to her, he opened his concerns for Frances and taught her the basic steps of dance. During the learning process, Frances also found herself falling in love with Johnny. Because of fear of being fired, Johnny did not dare to develop with Frances.At this time, Johnny's partner was pregnant with the child of Robbie. Frances asked his doctor's father to help check, but Frances' father mistakenly thought that the child was Johnny's, and then prevented her daughter from interacting with Johnny. They had to meet in secret. Because of being framed, Johnny was unemployed.  Forrest Gump The film is directed by Robert Zemigis, starring Tom Hanks, Robin White and others, and was released in the United States on July 6, 1994. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name published by American writer Winston Gram in 1986. It depicts the boy of the innate mental retardation, Forrest Gan, who is self-improving, and finally "stupid people have stupid blessings" to get the favor of God. Inspirational stories that create miracles in multiple fields [1]. After the film was released, he won 6 awards such as the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor Award and Best Director Award in 1995. On September 5, 2014, the Forrest Gump IMAX version began to be released nationwide on the 20th anniversary of the film's release.A-Gump (Tom Hanks) was born in an secluded town in Alabama, South America, shortly after World War II. He is congenitally mentally handicapped and has only IQ 75. However, his mother is a strong woman, she often Encourage A-Gump "stupid people have stupid blessings" and ask him to keep improving.A-Gump went to school like a normal child, and he met his life friend and loved Jenny (Robin Wright Pan). Under the love of Jenny and his mother, A-Gump began his life with the "Flying Scud" given by God. Stop running.A-Gump became a football superstar, a Vietnam war hero, a table tennis diplomatic messenger, a billionaire, but he never forgot Jenny, and several hurried gatherings and partings deepened A-Gump's thoughts. Harry Potter series Harry Potter is an orphan. He was fostered at aunt's house and was bullied. But on Harry’s 11th birthday, he accidentally received a notice of admission from Hogwarts College. Harry learned from the college's giant, Haige, that it was a magic school and learned about his life. Harry's parents were great magicians in the battle against Voldemort. Both were dedicated, and only Harry was spared. The Shawshank Redemption The film is directed by Frank Darabont, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.In the late 1940s, the young and accomplished young banker Andy (Tim Robbins) was jailed for murdering his wife and her lover. In this prison called Shawshank, hope seems to be illusory, and the punishment of life imprisonment is undoubtedly destined for Andy's next desperate life. Not long after, Andy tried to get close to the prestigious Ryder (Morgan Freeman), asking the other person to help him with a small hammer. Taking this as an opportunity, the two became more familiar, and Andy also seemed to find his own way of survival in the jail of mixed fish, sinfulness, and black and white confusion. He used his professional knowledge to help the prison management to evade taxes and money laundering, and at the same time, he was gradually receiving courtesy among the prisoners by his interaction with Rhett. On the surface, he has turned from hatred to the high wall like Reid, but the desire for freedom still urges him to move toward the hopes and goals of his heart. And the truth about his crimes seems to have pushed this all forward. The Godfather system In the United States in the 1940s, the "Godfather" Vito Don Corleone (Malone Brando) was the leader of the Mafia Corleone family, leading the family to engage in illegal activities, but at the same time he was also the protector of many weak and small civilians. People love to wear. Gone with the Wind The film is a love film based on Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind. Starring by Victor Fleming, George Cook, Sam Wood, Vivien Li, Clark Gable, etc., was released in the United States on January 17, 1940.In the context of the American Civil War, the film tells the story of the ups and downs between the protagonist Scarlett and Barrett. In 1940, at the Oscars Awards ceremony, he won ten awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress. In 1998, the film ranked fourth in the 20th century's greatest 100 films by the American Film Institute.On the eve of the Civil War, the daughter of the Southern Farm Tara Manor (Victoria Levi Vivien Leigh) fell in love with the son of another farmer, Ashley Howard (Leslie Howard), and was rejected. In retaliation, she married a man he did not love, Charles, the brother of Ashley's wife, Melan (Olivia de Havilland).During the war, Scarlett became a widow, lost her mother, and provoked the burden of life. It was no longer the original daughter of the daughter. After the war, she was twice married and married to the speculative businessman Ryder (Clark) who loved her for many years. · Gatwick Clark Gable). The Lord of the Rings Collection Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit in his 100s. He lives in his hometown of Shire. He is a child who likes to take risks. In an adventure when he was young, he got the Supreme Ring from the monster, this ring is the dark magic. The Supreme Lord of the Rings created by Jun Solon, with the evil forces of the enslaved world, can command several other power rings. In the battle of the Human Alliance and the Orc Army 3,000 years ago, the Alliance won and won the Supreme Ring, after thousands of years of swaying, the Lord of the Rings fell into the hands of the scorpion, and Bilbo happened to get it. The Sound of Music The film is directed by Robert Wise, a film starring Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and Richard Haydn, which was released in the UK on March 29, 1965. He won five awards including the best film and best director of the 38th Academy Awards. Maria (Juli Andrews) is a young and lively nun who likes to sing loudly under nature, so she often forgets the rules in the monastery. The Dean thought that Maria was not a strict monastery. After discussing with the public, the dean decided to arrange Maria to be a tutor at a school called Trapp (Christopher Plummer). The Wizard of Oz The film is a fairy tale film produced by MGM. The film is adapted from Lehman Frank Baum's children's book "The Wonderful Oz's Witch", directed by Victor Fleming, Kim Vido, Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray · Borg and other stars. The film was released in the United States on August 12, 1939. In November 1998, in honor of the 60th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, the The Wizard of Oz, which was digitally processed, was released again. In 2008, the American Film Institute hosted the top ten best film selections, which ranked first in the fantasy film category.The little girl Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) lives with her uncle and lives in a farm in central Kansas. One day, a tornado hit, and in order to find the beloved puppy, Dorothy did not hide in time. A powerful tornado winds the cabins that Dorothy hides into the air. I don't know how long it took, the cabin finally fell to the ground, and an evil witch was crushed to death. Under the guidance of the kind northern witch, Dorothy and the puppy set off to the Emerald City where the magician Oz (FrankMorgan) lived, praying that he could help him go home. On the way, Dorothy met the brainless Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), the iron man who lacked the heart (Jack Haley) and the timid lion (Bert Lahr). In order to fulfill their wishes, they followed Dorothy. Silk goes forward together. Along the way, it is difficult to get through the thousands of dangers, and even more evil Western witches are obstructed everywhere. Can their wishes be realized? Star Wars The film is a series of science fiction films produced by American director/producer George Lucas. The Star Wars trilogy, the characters and stories of the first Star Wars, were created with reference to the Vietnam War and Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress. He began shooting the story before the original trilogy in the late 1990s. At the same time he changed the original trilogy to a six-series series.In 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens began, and Disney will release a Star Wars movie every summer. Among them, the new series of Star Wars will be released every other year. In the middle of the year, the episode movie will be released.

10 animated movies recommended! Full screen childlike heart

FrozenSurrounded by the sea and the picturesque Kingdom of Arundale, there are two lovely little princesses, Aisha and Anna. Aisha is born with the ability to make ice and snow. With her age, her ability is getting stronger and stronger, and she even almost took away her sister's life. To this end, the king closed the palace gate and interrupted the connection between the two sisters. After the sad shipwreck, Aisha (Idina Menzel dubbed) finally reached the age of coronation, and the kings congratulated. Aisha is trembled, fearing that she will be seen and hidden for many years. However, when I heard that Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell Kristen Bell) was about to marry the first-time South Ells Prince Hans (voiced by Santino Fontana), her emotions were out of control. After that she fled to the mountains and built her own ice and snow kingdom, and Aaron Muir also fell into a terrible cold.Incredibles 2The story follows the first part, telling that Mr. Super Energy has become a full-time dad, a superficial female Superman to save the world, and the family has begun to face the shift of life's center of gravity. At this time, a new villain appears, and the Superman family takes care of life. On the side of the joint cool ice man to stop a dangerous conspiracy story.MinionsFrom the beginning of the birth of the earth, a strange creature appeared on this blue planet. They have evolved and evolved and finally become the familiar Xiao Huangren. Xiao Huang people have been looking for evil bosses all their lives to be proud of being his subordinates, but the efforts of millions of years have finally turned into an empty space. After a long period of silence, the little yellow man named Ke Wen decided to go on the road again. He took Stewart, who loves music, and Bob, who had nothing to do with the defeat, went to the United States in 1968. The three little guys accidentally heard that Orlando was about to hold a "bad person meeting," so they rushed over and became obsessed with the devil's head Scarlett Killer (Sandra Bullock dubbed). . Soon Scarlett gave them a task, which was to steal the crown of the Queen of England.Toy Story 3The film is a 3D computer animated film produced by Pixar Animation and released by Walt Disney in 2010. Directed by Lee Oncic, Michael Amt is the screenwriter, and Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are all together, and the film was released in the United States on June 18, 2010. The film tells the story. It has been 11 years since the last adventure. In the twinkling of an eye, Andy became a 17-year-old sunshine boy. In the summer of this year, Andy is about to start college life. The toys misunderstood Andy, so he went out in anger and would rather be donated to the Sunshine Home Kindergarten.Despicable Me 3After the slap in the face, Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) was a great agent, but was knocked out by the new director because he failed to defeat the bad boy Baszad Brad (voiced by Trey Parker). At this time, he received a letter from afar, only to know that he still had a twin brother Drew (voiced by Steve Carell). At the invitation of Drew, Gru took his wife Lucy Wilde (voiced by Kristen Wiig) and Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana· Guy Dana Gaier dubbed) and Alesse (voiced by Elsie Fisher) came to visit where his biological father lived. Drew was innocent, but he wanted to partner with his brother to become a bad guy. Although Gru temporarily returned to the wild, the heart of justice has not been annihilated.Finding DoryDolly (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) with short-term amnesia once had a wonderful family, but a series of accidents left her with an amiable parent. This year, Dolly married the clownfish father and son Marlin (audio of Albert Brooks) and Nemo (voiced by Hayden Rolence), and they experienced an unprecedented adventure. On a calm day, the fragmentary memories of childhood suddenly broke into Dolly's mind, so she set foot on her journey to find her parents again. This time, she came to the Museum of Marine Biology, met the octopus Hank (voiced by Ed O'Neill) who did not intend to return to the sea, and the friend whale shark in childhood (the voice of Kaitlin Olson) ). Following the clues in her memory, she is getting closer and closer to her parents. However, in the process, she was separated from Marin and his son.ZootopiaThe story takes place in a beautiful world where all mammals coexist in harmony. Rabbit Judy (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) dreams of being a criminal policeman who punishes evil and promotes goodness. Judy successfully graduated from the police academy and entered the Madness City Police Department. I don’t know if it is the territory of a large carnivorous animal. As the first and only small herbivore, what kind of story does Judy encounter? What?The Lion KingSimba is the little prince of the lion kingdom, and his father Mufasa is a majestic king. However, the uncle's knives have long been sorrowful to Mufasha's throne. In order to sit on the throne of the throne, the knife must remove the little prince. Therefore, Knife used various excuses to let Simba go out, and then waited for an opportunity to open the killing, but was helplessly rescued by Mufasha. Under repeated calculations, Mufasha died in a slashing squad, and the knife smacked with ulterior motives to persuade Simba to leave. On the one hand, he sent people to kill him. In the flight of Simba, he met the witty Dingman and the kind Peng Peng. They raised the big lion that Simba grew into a majestic and encouraged him to go back to the forest to recover. In the next struggle to save the people, Simba really grew into a strong man and understood the true meaning of responsibility.Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursA group of old friends will start a new journey. When Mammoth is immersed in the joy of being a father, the saber-toothed tiger is stunned by his aging, when Sid discovers three dinosaurs. Eggs, actually "mother love" flooded, want to be the mother of these three little Tyrannosaurus Rex, the result was taken away by the little dinosaur real mother Tyrannosaurus Rex. In order to find a companion, a group of lovely animal friends walked into the “Jurassic Park” hidden under the Ice Age. In this magical place, they will know what new friends and what dangers they will encounter. Let all the "ice powder" look forward to it.Monsters UniversityFrom the childhood, I was shocked by the professional eye-catcher Mike Husky (voiced by Billy Crystal), and finally got into the frightening college of the Monsters University who had gone out of countless legends. For this little monster that looks pleasing and has no horror, the dead book seems to be the only way to realize his dream. In contrast, James Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman), a frightened classmate, was born to be the focus of attention of his classmates. He had nothing to do with the swaying son. Unfortunately, the two guys who were completely tempered by the two tempers provoked the extremely strict dean Dean Hudders Klein (voiced by Helen Mirren), and they were beaten out during the midterm exam, expelling the school. Unwilling to fail, Big Eyes seized the opportunity and gathered the team to sign up for the scare game organized by the Brotherhood. If they win, they will have the opportunity to return to the school. In the field where the masters gather, Big Eyes and the Monsters are about to meet unprecedented challenges.

Must-see the 10 most touching classic inspirational biographies, let you rekindle!

The most important value of a biographies is that it allows us to have a deeper understanding of a great person, and thus gains many experiences and insights that benefit the life, inspiring us to face difficulties and gain the courage to overcome the predicament. In order to ensure the enjoyment, the 10 films recommended for everyone today are not pure biographies, but biographies.Schindler's ListIn the Second World War, the German businessman Schindler's conscience awakened and risked his life to rebel against the Nazis and rescue the true story of more than 1,200 Jews. In the film, Schindler was not a hero at first, why did he finally become a hero, the film did not answer, and his performance was only his behavior. The director used a small, symbolic detail to accompany the little girl in red, and Schindler’s gaze on her every time. She symbolizes innocent and fragile life, symbolizing the courage and strength to overcome evil, and the only color in the film.The PianistAdapted from the autobiographical novel "Death City" by Polish pianist Varades Rothman. Polanski's sinful and cruel expression of the Nazis with a calm and restrained lens is a silent complaint against the Nazi atrocities. The film uses a large number of Chopin music, like the poem of hope from the martyrdom, to hope for the desperate people who live in the hell of war. The setting of Spearman and the German officers meeting in the ruins expresses the awakening of humanity.The Pursuit of HappynessThe film is based on a true story, the main character is the American black investment expert Chris Gardner. If you have a dream, you have to defend it. There is never a savior. Happiness is based on oneself!BraveheartTells the story of the Scottish uprising leader William Wallace and the indomitable struggle of the English rulers. "Braveheart" is a tragic epic film that incorporates the legend of blood and tears. At the end of the film, Wallace’s cry before the death: Freedom! Sighing, shocking, and exciting, inspiring and guiding the Scottish people to the final freedom.Hacksaw RidgeThe film is adapted from the real experience of the Second Class Warrior Medicate Desmond Daws, telling the story of his refusal to carry weapons on the battlefield and saving 75 comrades in the Okinawa battle. If you are full of faith, you will be fearless! Desmond's behavior best interprets the spirit of "Benevolence and Invincibility" promoted by Mencius.A Beautiful MindThe film tells the story of John Forbes Nash, a mathematician with schizophrenia, who studied in the field of game theory and differential geometry and won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Nash's legendary experience proves that love is the best medicine!Darkest HourThe film tells about the prejudice from the inside and the external fascist war during World War II. Winston Churchill resisted the pressure and led the British people to resist and win the Battle of Dunkirk and spend the darkest moments before dawn. story. There is no ultimate success, no fatal failure, and the most important thing is the courage to move on. This kind of spirit and belief is precisely the moment when human society passes through a dark moment, and finally ushers in the guarantee of light.The King's SpeechThe film tells of the death of King George V in 1936. The throne was left to Prince Albert, who suffered from severe stuttering. Later, under the treatment of the speech therapist Linal Rogge, he overcame obstacles and published an inspiring pre-World War II. Speech. No one is born to be perfect, even the king, but as long as you have the courage to overcome difficulties, the determination to change the deficiencies and the perseverance of perseverance, then you will become better and better.Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray StoryThe film tells the story of a girl who grew up in New York, Liss, experienced the hardships and bitterness of life, and with her own efforts, she finally entered the experience of the highest school. A life course of self-improvement and high-spirited struggle, which is passed on to people, is deeply touched by the shock of the soul.Goodbye BafanaThe film tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s prison life after more than 20 years of imprisonment and his relationship with prison guard James Gregory. "Goodbye Bafana" is not shocked. From the perspective of Mandela’s close guards, through a lot of details, two opposing people with different identities and positions have developed from the previous opposition to the later male lead. Change, cherish the sorrows of his own prisoners, and show Mandela's personality and unyielding spirit on the side, making the latter even more extraordinary.

Although these ten movies are unpopular, the plot is good to see!

A good movie is not a huge system, but you need to see it before you can experience it. You only need to sit in the sofa during your leisure time, take a drink, watch it quietly, and taste it. Niche movies can be so good.Tucker and Dale vs EvilTucker and Dale vs Evil is a horror comedy directed by Avery Craig, starring Alan Tudeke. It tells the story of eight college students, Jack and Ellie, who were on a forest vacation on Lake Morris. In this film, you can fully understand what is brain damage, what is optimistic! The kind of bad taste can make you laugh and spray. The plot is an anti-type story. It is not that everyone sees the title, so it is a ghost theme or a murderous film. It is very creative and novel.Chasing MavericksIt tells the story of surf genius Jay to conquer the huge waves, find the surf legend Rossti to train himself, and the two men work together to rewrite the history of surfing. This film really shows what is called a choppy wave. The film is quite normal but close to perfect. After reading it, the last hero’s sentence is remembered: life is too short, and enjoy life early. Inspirational and touchingThe RevenantA very interesting zombie horror movie. The film tells that Bart must drink blood on a regular basis to survive. They believe that no one will have compassion for drug dealers and murderers who turn Los Angeles into violent savage, so these two friends decided to start the day and start the killing, while still meeting Bart's bloodthirsty needs. This is a very interesting piece of zombie. The various elements make up a sultry black humor, which makes people have to admire the director's superb narrative and multi-style ability.RoomThe sound of "love", adapted from Emma Donohue's original novel of the same name, tells the story of a girl who was deceived by a neighbor and then imprisoned in a small room for seven years. Although the transformation of space makes the style of the film suddenly change, in fact, people in different spaces have not changed their reactions to the surroundings, and sometimes they are repressed and tempered, and sometimes they are warmed up. Love makes people safe, and in order to get safe we start to possess, possession and destroy love.The WailingThe horror film of the blame of the gods tells the story of a serial poisoning after a strange Japanese came to the small village. After the police’s daughter, Zhong Jiu’s daughter was implicated, there was no way to find the story of the Taoist Sunshine teaming up to find out the truth. Six years of grinding a sword, Roche style is still the same, the level is almost murderous memories, the mysterious incident caused the black vortex Korean black crime film re-encoded, but not the realistic thriller crime film like the pursuer Huang Hai.Eye in the SkyAwakening your empathy, the film tells the story of a military intelligence officer who commanded a drone to bomb a mission. It perfectly reflects the different concepts and different decisions of British and American politicians on counter-terrorism. The irony is that the little girl who made the shooting action complicated has been portrayed as a family-inspired image that is advanced in the family and does not care about the living environment. Inspire the empathy of the audience.TrivisaAdapted from the real case, it is a police film produced by Yuya Film Production Co., Ltd. and Hairun Film Co., Ltd. in 2016. "Trees and Big Winds" was adapted from the criminal experience of Hong Kong's "Three Thieves" Zhang Ziqiang, Ye Jihuan and Ji Bingxiong in the 1990s, telling the story of three people meeting in the same restaurant and planning a major cooperation case. Three protagonists, three directors, and three stories, each with their own attachments, can't escape fate. The whole film is full of metaphors, and the actors are also in place.Perfect StrangersThe first film in the field of "Return to Zero" was a thriller film directed by James Frey, starring Bruce Willis and Halle Berry, telling the female reporter Rovina as a catcher. Killing the murderer of a friend and approaching the advertising giant Harrison, he discovered the cruel truth hidden behind the incident. The script is quite sharp and the end is light and meaningful. The film reveals the problem of the stiffening of marriage, the heavy guilt, the hardships of homosexuality, etc., which are not only serious but also make people laugh, but it is a masterpiece.Law Abiding CitizenA person who confronts an entire judicial system is a crime film. The protagonist of the film was a security officer. He believed that because of the shady transaction, one of the murderers who killed his wife and daughter would be released, so he was prepared to plan a revenge to punish those murderers and behind-the-scenes trials. Trader. When the so-called justice no longer guards justice, the lamb to be slaughtered will become a powerful killer. Since the judicial corruption, then use blood to awaken justice! The plot is compact and the meaning is strong.Front of the ClassAdapted from the book of the same name, directed by Peter Werner, Thomas Rickman and other screenwriters, Jimmy Volcker, Trit Williams, Dominic Scott Kay, Sarah Drew and other starring inspirational Biography light comedy. Describes Bled's dream of overcoming the disease and trying to reach the dream of becoming a teacher. This film is not a protagonist, it is a society that respects and tolerates disability. Without the principal of his primary school, there will be no Cohen who will pursue his dreams in the future.

6 dog movies! Partial stamp

When it comes to dogs, it seems that the keywords are related to warmth, loyalty, and stupidity.As a human best friend, everyone has a story with dogs more or less.Just in time for the arrival of the Year of the Dog, in addition to being more prosperous, let us revisit the movie about dogs and look for a different kind of warmth.Hachi: A Dog's TaleParker was picked up at the train station by an unidentified puppy, and one person and one dog had an indissoluble bond when they first saw it. So Parker brought the eight public back home. With the new family's eight public, first got the opposition of Parker's wife Carter. But with Parker’s insistence and the ingenuity of the Eight gongs – every day the Eighth Congress will send Parker to the station, and when it gets off work, it will arrive at the platform early and wait for Parker to go home. Gradually, the feelings of Parker and Ba Gong melted Carter's heart. Life has not always been smooth sailing. On a certain day, Parker performed a croquet game for Parker, who is about to go to work. Parker was greatly surprised. But on that day, Parker died of illness... no return. Eight people can no longer wait for Parker's return at the platform, but it has been working day and night in Parker's time, waiting for the platform, not willing to return...A Dog's PurposeThe special point of this film is that with the dog's perspective and reincarnation as a novel point, it tells the story of the dog Bailey in the reincarnation, the different types of dog identity and the dog-loving people of different countries. More interestingly, it does not forget the owner of the previous life at every reincarnation. Bailey grew up with the little boy Essen in the first world, watching him grow from a child into a handsome young man until he reached his girlfriend. After decades of dying, I became a police dog again... After many rounds of reincarnation, I finally returned to Ethan by memory. At that time, Ethan had reached middle age, but still recognized the changed Bailey. . This movie makes people understand that the mission of the dog's life is to create happy memories for us, so that people are no longer alone.Marley & MeJohn and Jenny are a newlywed couple, doing their best in their field of work, and buying a house, all good life is about to begin, but there is a problem that makes them embarrassed - about children. If you want your child to be afraid of the couple who are not taking good care of you, you decide to start practicing with your dog.So the world's first naughty dog, Marley, came to their home. Marley is perhaps the happiest dog, it is the child of John and Jenny, all kinds of bad guys let the two brothers break their hearts. There are countless stories that are maddening and ridiculous. But despite this, Marley is still the most important part of this family.Because of Winn-DixieThis is the story of a dog changing a small town. The little girl, Opo, was abandoned by her mother when she was three years old, and she has been living with her pastor's father. The father and the daughter live in a very boring town, and the lives of the residents are very strange. Lonely Opal has always prayed that God can give her a friend. So one day, a dog ran rampage in the supermarket, destroying a lot of goods. When the manager wanted to clean it up, the brave Obor stood up and said that the dog was brought by her and saved it. The clever dog then followed Opel back home, and the little girl named it Daisy. The arrival of Daisy has brought about a tremendous change to this family and even the town...BingoIt was also a comedy movie about the puppies bingo who escaped from the circus and accidentally saved the dangerous boy Chuck. Since then, they have become best friends. Chuck took the bingo out to skateboarding, playing, and even writing homework to accompany him. However, because of the reason for moving, the parents did not agree to bring Bingo together. Chuck and Bingo made a private agreement and never separated. So, on the day that Chuck moved away, Bingo started a journey of adventures...The Secret Life of PetsThis should be the child's favorite. What is the big secret of pets? It turned out that all kinds of pets began a wonderful life after the main people left home every day. Among a group of pets, the puppy Mike is their lider, but when the hostess brought back a lazy and unreasonable big dog Du Lao, Mike and it have been incompatible with it. However, the two dogs were still in the "dangerous" period, which together prevented a "riot" initiated between animals. The humorous and animated image will surely make you feel the warmth after a big laugh.

Five must-see Hollywood movies in your life. Have you seen a few?

There are a lot of classic Hollywood movies. These 5 are representative and convey more personal feelings. If you like Hollywood movies, how many of the following 5 are you reading?Fight Club (1999)An insomniac office worker is looking for ways to change his life. He meets a desperate soap maker to form an underground fight club and develop into a very, very large organization. The stars are brilliant. The story and the script itself explain everything. This is a movie that was originally regarded as a classic of cult.Star Trek (2009)The film describes an optimistic future world in which humans, along with many alien races, overcome disease, racial differences, poverty, paranoia, and war, and establish a Star Alliance. Then generations of captains turned their attention to the more distant universe, explored the Milky Way, searched for a new world, discovered new civilizations, and bravely traveled to places that were not before. Because of the various imaginative imaginations, sophisticated worldviews, a large number of hard science fiction elements, and meticulous humanistic care, the film "Star Trek" has become one of the most popular science fiction works.V for Vendetta (2005)The film revolves around another world. Under Hitler's command, Germany won the world war, and the world we know now is very different from the world Hitler won. The V-Vendetta is based on that world. In the future British tyranny, a mysterious freedom fighter (the pseudonym "V") conspired to overthrow the government with the help of a young woman. This film is one of the must-see Hollywood movies, full of philosophical and unforgettable conversations.Inception (2010)A thief steals company secrets through dream-sharing technology, but is handed over to the opposite task: putting an idea into the mind of the CEO. An unusual robbery movie with sci-fi colors. This film is often considered one of the must-see movies of Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is full of adventures and is designed to appeal to all audiences. You don't need to be a fan of Da Vinci to capture this. This story is easy to link.Into the Wild (2007)free life. Get rid of all the secular constraints. After graduating from Emory University, the top student and athlete Christopher McCandles gave up his property, donated all of his $24,000 savings account to a charity, and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness.Which one do you think looks good?

The best 10 movies in the world

There are countless lists of the best film authors. Today I want to talk about the good films in my own mind, including some relatively small people, not much popularity, but I saw the film that I think is very good.The BodyguardIt is directed by Mick Jackson, a feature film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The film was released in the United States on November 25, 1992. The film tells the story of professional bodyguard Frank in order to protect the safety of black female singer Melen, and to compete with the behind-the-scenes killer.BraveheartIt is a war film produced by Paramount Pictures, directed by Mel Gibson, starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, and Catherine McMark. The film is based on the court politics of England in the 13th and 14th centuries, with war as the core, telling the story of the unrelenting struggle of the Scottish uprising leader William Wallace and the English rulers. The film was released in the United States in May 1995. In 1996, the film won five awards including Best Picture and Best Director at the 68th Academy Awards.Roman HolidayRoman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn's classic love movie. It is a romantic romance filmed by Paramount in the United States in 1953. The story tells the romantic story of a princess in a European Principality and an American journalist in Rome, Italy. Starring Gregory Pike and Audrey Hepburn, the film has achieved great success and become a classic of Hollywood black and white movies. Audrey Hepburn also won the Oscar for Best Actress Award for the film.The GodfatherDirected by Francis Ford Coppola, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and other gangster movies were released in the United States on March 24, 1972. The film is adapted from Mario Puzo's novel of the same name, telling the story of the development of the gang family headed by Vito Don Colleon and how Claire's youngest son Mike took over as the gang leader. In 1973, the film won the 45th Academy Award for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay. In 2007, he was selected by the American Film Association as the "second best in the 100-year-old film."Scent of a WomanI have watched this classic tango at least fifty times and still want to see it again. Contrary to this line, "simple, so charming simple, so charming." This is not a simple, so fascinating movie.GhostHollywood masterpiece in the early 1990s. Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Ubi Goldberg and Tony Godwin joined forces. Speaking of the film name 95 is probably not familiar, when it comes to the classic theme song "Oh, selling meat and selling big cakes" certainly no one knows. This classic hairstyle of Demi Moore did not know how many long hair and waist and a broken knife.TitanicIt is a romantic film produced by American 20th Century Fox Film Company and Paramount Pictures. It is directed by James Cameron and starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The film was released in the United States on December 19, 1997, and released on the mainland in China on April 3, 1998. It was re-enacted in mainland China on April 10, 2012 with the 3D version. In December 2017, he was selected for the list of protected libraries in the Library of Congress.The Pursuit of HappynessIt is an American film starring Gabriel Muccino, starring Will Smith, Jaden Smith, and Sandy Newton. The film is based on a true story, featuring Chris Gardner, a black American investment expert. The film tells the story of a lonely salesman who is on the verge of bankruptcy and his wife's departure from home. How to work hard to become a stock market trader and become an inspirational story of a well-known financial investor. The film was nominated for the best actor in the 2007 Academy Awards.The Sound of MusicThere has never been a movie so deeply rooted in people's minds. Not only the characters, plots, and characters have become household names, but the theme songs are also widely circulated.Schindler's ListSchindler's List is a film directed by Spielberg. The film won the 7th Grand Prize of the 66th Academy Awards and 7 Grand Prizes of the 51st Golden Globe Awards.